Ubaldo Grazia Artisan

Ubaldo Grazia

Solari has the distinct honor of exclusively representing the vast and exquisite collection of dinnerware and home decor from Ubaldo Grazia of Deruta, Italy. Mr. Grazia has been coming to Solari since our 1st Anniversary celebration, and many of our customers have had the pleasure of meeting him and having their treasures signed by him. Since 1500, the Grazia family has been committed to producing high quality majolica ceramics using time honored handicraft traditions passed down from generation to generation. Ubaldo is the 26th generation of his family to keep these traditions alive. The family prides itself on continuing the production of modern day masterpieces. Some of these traditional designs are manufactured by other ceramics companies in Deruta, but not all majolica is created equal. Grazia majolica is distinguished by its superior glazing which enhances the color, by the high skill of its artists to replicate time honored designs and by their state-of-the-art firing techniques. They have no equal.

The importance of their tradition has also been celebrated by ‘The Economist’, that drew up a world classification of family run businesses which are still operating today. The Ubaldo Grazia factory was placed 12th on this list as they have continuously operated for 521 years! But beyond the conscious commitment to keep this ancient art alive, the present Grazia generation also pursues a vigorous policy of innovation. Alongside the classic collections, they have added modern lines created by many international artists. Grazia is creating unique modern expressions of the art of majolica and these designs have also become very popular with our customers.




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