The Busatti family is located in Anghiari, Tuscany and the company’s headquarters still operates out of the palazzo their ancestors bought in 1795 to open a store selling a wide range of items to the townspeople. The turning point came in 1797 when the soldiers of the Napoleonic Army settled themselves in the top story of the palazzo. It was at this time, in the basement, that the Busatti family started wool production (spinning and weaving) to supply blankets, uniforms and clothes to the soldiers. Little by little they utilize all five floors of the Palazzo. When the Napoleonic occupation ended, the Busatti family took back the Palazzo and their weaving operation.

Busatti has evolved into a company that devotes its attention to limited production, high quality raw materials and painstaking detail. Their designs range from rustic traditional, inspired by the heart and soul of the Renaissance, to artistically modern ones using natural fibers and a very wide range of colors. Today, the family operation is being led by their eighth generation and has stores on all five continents.

“We are like a cypress, which pushes its roots deep while pointing clearly to the sky. Busatti has roots deep in the history of our country as we point ever upward to new horizons.”

We have taken our tour groups to visit the Busatti factory and meet the family and it’s always one of the most memorable days for sure! They are truly the most gracious people and so skilled at what they do.




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