La Gabbianella Artisan

La Gabbianella

If you were an aficionado of the dinnerware and home décor items that Solari carried from Mamma Ro for 13 years, then you’ll absolutely love La Gabbianella! The producer of the Mamma Ro line was three generations of the Pierelli family who have been crafting Italian terracotta since the 1960s, and are headquartered in an ancient farmhouse outside of Lucca in Tuscany. Their new identity is La Gabbianella… meaning the “little seagull”…a symbol synonymous with freedom and representing their flight to new places and new ideas. “What moves us and pushes us to go ever further, is the idea that any object could embrace a passion or dream, a desire to share, a past tradition and a way for the future. Our style is made ​​of simple things to be handed down and full of values; a style that creates compelling ties and relations. Our aspiration is to touch the hearts of all through color, unusual shapes and surprising atmospheres.”

While Tuscany is the company’s home and creative base, the La Gabbianella ceramics factory is located in Umbria; home of abundant and high quality terracotta. La Gabbianella produces an amazingly comprehensive collection of items for the table and home including dinnerware, bakeware, lamps and home décor plus so much more. In their desire to offer an even more complete line, they’ve developed table linens to complement their ceramics. Not unlike the ceramics, quality and beautiful design was of the utmost importance. The fabrics are woven for them in northern Italy, but the actual sewing of the tablecloths, aprons and other offerings is done in Tuscany with their own skilled craftspeople. We are proud to carry the production of Luca Pierelli and his family and look forward to going there every year as they are constantly creating and expanding the line with new ideas and designs.



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