LagunaB – Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda

LagunaB is Venice based and founded by Maria Brandolini in 1994 when she reinterpreted the goto de furnace; creating an instantly recognizable series of glassware.  Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda, Maria’s son, has continued her passion of bringing a modern perspective to one of Italy’s oldest artistic traditions. He and the other partners in LagunaB have a mission to offer pieces whose true value lies in a positive impact on current and future generations. They strive to cultivate passion and develop new generations of glass masters through the AUTONOMA exchange program.  Marcantonio established AUTONOMA in Murano along with Seattle’s Pilchuck School of Glass. The exchange program describes itself as “an international community and cultural space in Murano that attracts and nurtures the next generation of glass artists.” All of these projects are part of Brandolini d’Adda’s balance between maintaining Italy’s tradition of exquisite glasswork and presenting glass to a new generation of buyers and collectors.

This expanded mission goes beyond glass production and believes in Venice and Murano’s potential to be contemporary leaders in craft, culture and sustainability. LagunaB positions the company to coexist with the environment and nature by enhancing Venice’s natural capital through their VITAL project, implements sustainable distribution techniques including plastic-free packaging and maintains carbon neutrality through the Green Future Project. “I am also challenging myself to create something without generating extra impact on the environment. To do this you need knowledge – it’s a challenge looking for people that are ready to help you. For example, I’m working on a new project with the University of Padova, who is great for technical (and inspirational) support.”

Influenced by the past but not beholden to tradition, Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda has asserted himself within Murano’s glassmaking community, and has contributed a truly contemporary approach to the centuries-old tradition. He has retained and propelled one of LagunaB’s defining traits: chic and playful glasses created by local craftspeople. But he has slightly shifted the aesthetic narrative of the company and rebranded it for the 21st century. In addition to selling its lines of glassware, the company produces sculptures and one-off pieces that have been featured in Architectural Digest and many other international magazines and shown in galleries and exhibitions in many countries.

Solari has been very proud to showcase Marcantonio’s vessels and vases since 2017, not long after he took over the helm of LagunaB. We always have a wonderful selection of LagunaB’s Goto and other drinkware in stock and have even done a collaboration of custom stemware with them.



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