Ceramiche Sambuco Mario

Ceramiche Sambuco Mario was founded by Mario after following in the footsteps of his father who, in 1918 at age 17, started working in the majolica furnaces of Deruta. This extremely creative and multifaceted workshop is now run by his very capable sons Lucio and Luca. Their workshop has shown a great respect for the past while also moving into the future by designing and creating maiolica and artistic pottery all produced with the human hand.

Sambuco produces pieces in a wide variety of shapes and decorations and are remarkable in their ability to do custom work. The company has a steadfast and serious commitment to craftsmanship, culture and ongoing research into quality.  Their products are unique, recognizable and respect Deruta’s artistic tradition through an intelligent commitment to innovation. We love their warm hospitality and always look forward to seeing and being inspired by the depth and range of their designs when we visit each year. And…did I mention that they’re known to rescue abandoned kittens and have a wonderful senior citizen Shop Dog named Dollaro?



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