Our store in picturesque Rocky River, Ohio is quickly becoming a favorite with people who love and appreciate the beauty of Italian ceramics and the Italian way of life! With a rustic 90-year-old wood floor and sunlit stucco walls, Solari reflects the timeless look and warmth of Tuscany. In turn, we strive to offer our customers warm personal service and a wonderful selection of uniquely Italian merchandise.

Since we’ve been friends for years, and shared a passion for collecting all things Italian, it only seemed natural to open our own shop. We had discovered that no stores in the region carried the fabulous ceramic pieces we’ve been buying for ourselves and as gifts for each other on trips to far away places. Certain there were kindred souls in the Cleveland area who would appreciate such a shop, we found some space available in a historic building located in a unique area of specialty stores. Our dream was closer to reality. After two months of intense restoration work on the walls, door, windows and floor, we finally opened just before Thanksgiving, 2002.

Our goal is to present Italian ceramics in room-like settings so our customers can actually visualize how the pieces can look and fit into their own homes. Many of the larger items are displayed on the mantel or antique sideboard, and place settings and bridal registry patterns are shown in a lovely rustic cupboard or on one of several dining room tables. Throughout the store, linens, flatware, baskets and decorative pieces are also displayed just as you might find them at home. Further, our fully equipped kitchen serves as the perfect backdrop for using these pieces of “functional art” to their best advantage (as well as being a great setting for our cooking demonstration classes and wine tastings).

In short, we love our store and the beautiful treasures throughout… and we hope that you will too! Please plan to visit us soon.

Jane Clark & Terrie Viets